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I move to London as the second marketing hire at Tessian, where we raise our Series B with Sequoia Capital while headcount triples.


I am diagnosed with Addison’s, a rare and life-threatening autoimmune disease resulting from stress that leads to a year of medical leave. I start to study and embody self-development and stress management, clocking up thousands of hours of learning and practice.
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After beating burnout, reversing the diagnosis and coming off steroids, I join Amazon, representing the Ads org conducting online workshops and speaking at live events to thousands of attendees across the UK.


Alongside my role in marketing (for which I’m featured on, I become a certified teacher of 500+ Amazonians through their mindfulness program for internal leadership, Mindful A-to-Z, and achieve my RYT-200® and.
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I make it my mission to build a bridge between work and wellness.

About my approach

Mindfulness like you’ve never seen it before.The intersection between wellbeing and corporate is small, and few wellness professionals also have backgrounds at top tech firms. Traditional EAP programs are low uptake and lower retention - but generic meditations and one-off workshops often fail to leave lasting impact.
“Although employers have responded with initiatives like mental health days or weeks and enhanced counseling benefits or apps, they’re not enough.”
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